Our Current Executive Committee

Professor Snejina Michailova
University of Auckland,
Auckland, New Zealand

Email: president@anziba.org

Dr Jane Menzies
University of the Sunshine Coast,
Sunshine Coast, Australia 

Email: secretary@anziba.org

Vice-President – Treasury:
Dr. Robert Jack
Macquarie University,

Sydney, Australia 

Email: treasurer@anziba.org

Vice President – Marketing:
Dr. Dana Ott

University of Otago,
Dunedin, New Zealand

Email: vp_marketing@anziba.org

Vice President – Membership:
Dr. Ryan Tang

Griffith University,
Brisbane, Australia

Email: vp_membership@anziba.org

Appointed Member:
Professor Susan Freeman

University of South Australia,
Adelaide, Australia

Email: Susan.Freeman@unisa.edu.au

Appointed Member:
Dr. Pavlina Jasovska

The University of Technology Sydney,
Sydney, Australia

Email: pavlina.jasovska@uts.edu.au

Past President:
Professor Douglas Dow

Melbourne Business School,
Melbourne, Australia

Email: d.dow@mbs.edu

PhD Repr (Aust):
Yet to be appointed

Email: phd_repr@anziba.org

PhD Repr (NZ):
Yet to be appointed

Email: phd_repr@anziba.org