ANZIBA Membership Benefits

ANZIBA memberships are typically purchased in conjunction with a registration for our annual conference. Under these circumstances individuals receive the following benefits:

  • Attendance at the annual ANZIBA conference – a forum for the exchange of ideas, research findings and innovative teaching methodologies.
  • Connection to a network of academics and other professionals in your region who are interested in international business research and teaching.
  • Access to the ANZIBA mentoring program.
  • For PhD students, there is the potential to receive training in the form of the annual Research Student Colloquium at no extra charge, but individuals do need to submit an application as there are limited places.
  • Please note that while ANZIBA and AIB Oceania are affiliated with one another and cooperate closely, attendance at the AIB Oceania Symposium does not require ANZIBA membership, but does require a current AIB membership.

Membership & conference fee

For individuals wishing to register for the annual ANZIBA conference (which includes an annual membership) – this option will become available in late November each year (i.e. just after the paper acceptances are distributed).  The link will appear on this website under the tab for the conference (e.g. ANZIBA 2023 Conference / Registration).

Until then?

If the conference registration is not yet open, or you are not able to attend this year’s conference, you can still add yourself to our mailing list.

  • If you are PhD student, please click the link on the right entitled ‘Join ANZIBA PhD Student Network‘.
  • If you are not a PhD student, but still want to join our mailing list, please click the link on the left entitled ‘Join ANZIBA Mailing List‘.

Both options are free.