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This conference has been running annually for 22 years. Throughout that period, the ANZIBA conferences have provided, and continue to provide, a critical regional forum for International Business researchers. It is a time to exchange ideas, a chance for junior scholars to hone their publication skills, for senior scholars to assist in that process, and for everyone to build and extend their personal networks. The event is scheduled early in the new year, straddling between the typical Australian summer holiday period (January) and the traditional beginning of the Australian academic year (March). We strongly encourage you to submit a paper for our next conference.

The meetings typically include:

  • a doctoral consortium:  all day – typically on the day before the competitive sessions but is occasionally on the day after the competitive sessions.  This is where PhD students are able to present their work-to-date, hone their presentation skills, and receive feedback from senior people in the field and their peers.
  • a formal welcome and reception is held on the evening before the competitive sessions.
  • two days are dedicated to a combination of competitive paper sessions, a plenary session and panels.
  • a gala dinner is then typically held on the final evening.