1.  The changing global institutions & the future of IB

Co-chairs: Siah Hwee Ang, Victoria University of Wellington and Gracy Yang, University of Sydney

2.  Internationalization, SMEs and International Entrepreneurship

Co-chairs: Joanna Scott-Kennel, University of Waikato and Eldrede Kahiya, Victoria University of Wellington

3.   MNEs, global strategy (incl. non-market strategies) & global value chains

Co-chairs: Andre Sammartino, University of Melbourne and Hongzhi Gao, Victoria University of Wellington

4.   International marketing **

Co-chairs: Susan Freeman, University of South Australia and Maureen Benson-Rea, University of Auckland

5.  Culture and international HRM

Co-chairsJane Menzies, Deakin University and Dana Ott, University of Otago

6.  IB & sustainable development

Co-chairsRudolf Sinkovics, University of Auckland

7.  Special conference track: Business in the Asia Pacific

Co-chairsFuming Jiang, RMIT University and Weiting Zheng, University of New South Wales

8.  Doctoral Colloquium

Co-chairsSnejina Michailova, University of Auckland and Grigorij Ljubownikow, University of Auckland

*  If you have a paper that is clearly IB-focused, but the topic is not reflected in the list above, please still submit it and label it ‘Track – Other’.

** Selected papers from this track will be considered for publication in a special issue of the International Marketing Review by Emerald (ABDC A-rank journal) on International Dynamic Marketing Capabilities pending a favourable double-blind peer review process.