ANZIBA fosters education and advanced teaching and research in the field of international business (including international management, human resource management, marketing, finance, accounting, politics and economics and other related international disciplines) in Australia and New Zealand by: facilitating exchange of information and ideas among educators and between the business and academic fields; encouraging and assisting research activities which advance knowledge of international business operations; increasing the available body of teaching materials and enhancing the quality of teaching in international business; developing a network of international business educators; cooperating whenever possible with government, business community and academic organisations for the of its basic objectives.


Membership shall be open to those individuals actively engaged in teaching or research or practice of international business. Institutional membership shall be open to any educational institution, firm or supranational organisation with an interest in the field of international business. Honorary memberships will be made in special cases. Persons will be elected to such memberships by the Executive Board.


ANZIBA shall not solicit or accept the moral, financial, technical or informational support of other organisations and individuals unless the latter’s objectives are completely non-partisan with respect to the issues and projects involved in the joint or sponsored activity.